Mental Health on the Go

My forthcoming research paper reporting on a mobile app that gamifies an emerging treatment for anxiety and stress  – a paper that hopefully will be officially out in the next month or so – is starting to be discussed in the media, including the Huffington Post. Thank you Wray Herbert for such great coverage of the study.



4 thoughts on “Mental Health on the Go

  1. Do you think this will help you identify the “chicken or the egg” from the “Connectedness and the Call of Anxiety” post? I wonder, if anxious people tend to use mobile devices more, does that work in favor of the app intended to help those people? If people become anxious because of mobile device use, will the app exacerbate the problem in the long run? It’s an interesting initiative either way.

    1. Well, the hope is to help! But future research will tell how. Using an experimental method like I do in this study helps us get closer to the answer. It will be important to figure out how to prevent the app from contributing to the burden of anxiety.

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