7 thoughts on “What It’s Like to be Blind in the Age of the Internet

  1. Whoa! I never really thought about how an increasingly visual tech world would be a real problem for the blind. That is some definite food for thought. (Although, I must say, not being able to access LInkedIn seems more like a feature than a bug.)

    I was especially struck by the last bit about communication between people on the street. Something to keep in mind!

      1. Given that people have been run down by bicycles and cars, or have run into things, while head-down in their phones, it’s not surprising, though. All our social connectedness may be causing some physical world disconnectedness.

  2. Interesting thing is that internet is that what you cant or anyone cant to b understand
    just its an way to enjoy connect to love ones and just relax n use it for positive ways.

  3. This was a great post regarding rising issues in technology’s advancing role in society. I might sound insensitive, but I didn’t know that the American Foundation for the Blind would sue large entertainment companies for inaccessible features. It just didn’t seem that this form of discrimination seemed that drastic. It seems a bit off that this problem doesn’t necessarily extend to other groups that those that are economically disadvantaged.

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