Depression: A Coming Out Story

A wonderful and courageously honest blog post from Shira Renee Thomas on the experience and stigma of clinical Depression. The personal (and economic) burden of psychological disorders is profound, and greater than that of any other type of disease – including diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular illnesses! Over 350 million people worldwide suffer from Depression. Yet, we’re only now waking up to the importance of thinking of Depression and other psychological diseases as a public health crisis that requires much, much more awareness and many more resources to reduce stigma and help alleviate individual suffering.

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3 thoughts on “Depression: A Coming Out Story

  1. Hello there. My name is Stan, I am from Poland. I am studying Social work in mental health field. I find it very important and interesting. Personally, I think we need to learn more not by formal book-based education but by open dialogue and meetings with people who suffer or suffered those kind of problems. People like Shira are great people, because they provide us important insights about mental health issues. They encourage others to share their inner-selves. Your blog seems very interesting, I will keep following You. Peace.
    P.S. Sorry for my English, if there are any mistakes.

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